Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow Your Blog and Giveaway

Welcome to Grow Your Blog 2015 and Giveaway!  I am happy to be joining this for the first time.  This is where many bloggers get together to make new friends and grow their blogs.  

Thank you Vicky from 2 Bags Full for organizing and hosting this event.

Let me share a little bit about what I blog about at Julie's Lifestyle!

I created my blog in November of 2012 and I have enjoyed blogging and meeting new friends from all over the world.  

I love to blog about cooking for my family and sharing my recipes.  I enjoy cooking this Chicken With Mushrooms dish for my family and it's a favorite.  To see how to make this recipe click here.

I enjoy crocheting and sharing my creations that I make.  I self taught myself how to crochet after a lady from my crochet group at my church taught me two crochet stitches years ago.

Crocheting dishcloths are one of my favorite projects to make and to see this blog post you can click here.

My Mom and Aunt taught me how to knit in the summer of 2009.  After that I took two knitting classes at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio.  Here is a knitted scarf I made and to see that post you can click here.

In January 2014, I started sharing my love of makeup on my blog.  I posted anything to do with beauty.  To see my Makeup Monday posts you can click here.

One of my favorite posts is DIY Dry Shampoo and to see that post click here.

So that is a little bit about me and what I love to blog about.  I hope I have inspired you to join my blog because it has a little bit of everything.

Please take a minute and enter my GIVEAWAY!


1)  To win the prizes of my giveaway, please leave a comment and you will be entered!

2)  You don't have to be a follower but I would love to have you follow my blog Julie's Lifestyle via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin.  Just let me know how you joined in the comment area.

3)  This giveaway is open to everyone. 

4)  To join me please look at my sidebar.  Please make sure that I can contact you via your blog or by email.  If you don't have a blog then please write your email address in your comment.

I will post the winner's name on that day!


Here is what the lucky winner will receive!

Two books that I love.  Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray and Rose Harbor in Bloom by Debbie Macomber.

A crocheted Cowl and Hand Warmer Set that I made.

A bookmark and my favorite hand cream by L'Occitane.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you will become a follower!  I look forward to visiting you and getting to know new people during this years Grow Your Blog Party 2015!

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Enjoying Quiet Time

Hi friends, I love the quiet month of January after we have all had a such a busy December preparing for the holidays.  I really love when it snows and I can just curl up on the couch and read a good book with a cup of tea or coffee.  I love when I have the chance to just sit and knit or crochet one of the projects that I'm working on or have a wonderful dish cooking in the crock pot. 


What ever you do this weekend I hope you can find just a few minutes to enjoy quiet time doing whatever makes you happy. 

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Makeup Monday - Winterize Your Skin

Welcome to Makeup Monday on Julie's Lifestyle.  I will post about a certain type of makeup, nail polish, face or hair product etc.  It will be a fun place to come visit about anything to do with beauty.  

Week 32 - Easy Steps to Winterize Your Skin

During the winter our skin tends to get very dry if you live in an area that gets cold in the winter.  It is very important to keep your skin hydrated.  Here are some easy ways to have soft skin for winter.

1.  Drink Plenty of Water - This helps us stay hydrated internally during the winter. 

2.  Exfoliate Your Skin - This is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and flaky skin.  Try doing this at least once a week or once every two weeks.

3.  Moisturize Face and Body - Using your favorite face and body cream is essential to having soft skin in the winter.  There are parts of your face and body that can get very dried out and by doing this it can help that problem.  To see the post on my favorite creams you can click here.

4.  Keep Hands and Feet Hydrated - Using a good hand cream is important in winter.  Two of my favorite hand creams are L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and Keihl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.  To see the post I did on Makeup Monday - Favorite Hand Creams you can click here.

5.  Hydrate Your Lips - Keeping our lips hydrated during the winter is very important since they can become chapped and very dried out.  I love using Chapstick and eos evolution of smooth for daytime and nighttime use.

6.  Use Sunscreen -  The suns rays are still effective in the winter especially if skiing or outside for long periods of time.

These are just a few easy ways that we can keep our skin looking soft and smooth for the winter.      

Thanks for stopping by and see you all next time for Makeup Monday.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

I am happy to be joining Amy from Love Made My Home for her Five on Friday Series.  I will be be doing a post for this once a month.  

I'm taking five minutes of my day to share five things:

Five favorite crochet projects for 2014:

I crocheted some dishcloths in the spring and I had so much fun making them.  I gave some to my family for Mother's Day.  To see the post you can click here.

I crocheted a granny square blanket for our annual Christmas Knit and Crochet Sale at our church.  To see that post you can click here.

I crocheted an Easy Infinity Scarf & Pattern and to see that post you can click here.

In the fall I made a crocheted Infinity Scarf and Handwarmer Set and to see that post you can click here.

I shared how to make a Simple Crochet Christmas Wreath Ornament and to see this post you can click here.

I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from our day to enjoy five things.  Please go and visit the other people who are also blogging about Five on Friday this week.

Amy from Love Made My Home
CJ from Above The River
Jill from Emerald Cottage 
Nicole from My Garden Diaries 
Beth from The Whimsical Dowager
Julie from Julie's Lifestyle
Alison from Life At Sylvan House

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP - Knitted Infinity Scarf

Hi friends, I have been knitting this scarf shown below for a while.  My goal is to work on this until it is done.  I can't remember when I started it last year but it's just one of those projects where I work on it and then I get bored and start working on something else.  Have you ever had one of those projects?  I hope I'm not the only one.

Here is what I am working on now.

The knit pattern for this scarf can be found here.  I am using US size 11 knitting needles.  The yarn I am using is Vanna's Glamour by Lion Brand Yarn in the color 170 Topaz.  The other strand of yarn is Caron Wintuk in the color Fisherman 3062.  This scarf is knitted with two pieces of yarn held together and it is called the seed stitch.  If you do not know how to knit the seed stitch click here to learn how.  When this scarf is finished I know it will come out nice and keep me warm and stylish at the same time.  I will let you all know when I'm finished knitting this scarf and share a photo.

I hope I may have inspired you to knit an infinity scarf for the winter.

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Debbie Macomber Book

Hi friends, I'm excited to say that I finally finished reading the book Rose Harbor in Bloom by Debbie Macomber.  This is my first book that I finished reading in 2015 and it feels great.  

This book was a delight to read and it is the second book in the Rose Harbor Series.  This series is set in Cedar Cove, Washington town of Pugent Sound.  It's about a war widow who owns a Bed-and-Breakfast and about the lives of two of her guests who come to stay at her inn.  One guest is just getting over a broken wedding engagement and the other guest has cancer and has a secret for staying in Cedar Cove.  Each person is healing in their own way at this inn and it is a love story too.  This book is a light read and I highly recommend it.  To read more about this book you can click here.

Have you read any Debbie Macomber books lately? 

I just started reading Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy.

It may take me a while to read this book since I mostly read in the evenings so stay tuned.

I will be sharing this book at Book Musing Monday at Mary-andering Creatively.

Book Musing Mondays final (1)

I will be sharing this at Read with Me at Mama Mummy Mum.

read with me

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Potato Frittata Recipe

Need a new idea for breakfast or lunch?  Well I have the perfect recipe for you that is delicious, healthy, and easy to make.

I have this during the week for lunch and it's a great way to fill you up and you can add as many different vegetables as you like.


SERVING SIZE: 2-3 people


olive oil - to coat pan
1 potato - peeled and cut into small cubes
5 eggs
splash of milk
1 tablespoon grated cheese
pepper to taste


Peel and cut potato into small cubes.  Add to heated frying pan olive oil, potato and sauté until cooked through.  Once potato is cooked through, whisk together eggs, milk, cheese, pepper and pour into pan and cook until eggs are solid about 10 minutes.  Done.  

You can serve this with toast or with a salad on the side.  Enjoy! 

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!